About Us

We are a small team of designers who love to create kawaii gothic artwork. 


Everything in our store is designed by us and 100% exclusive to our store.


The business is registered in the United Kingdom and we outsource all of our printing and delivery to partner companies based in the U.S and Europe.


If you have any issues with late orders or print quality, please contact us, so we can contact our print providers to resolve your issues.


Your happiness is our primary goal so if you have any questions at all please contact our U.K representative via. E-mail at admin@pastelcastles.com


Sol Herrera

A Graphic designer/Illustrator from Venezuela who has become a workaholic that prefers to stay at home and does her best to survive in a Mad Max land.

A passionate of horror culture, cats, ice coffee and Yu-gi-oh! cards.

Like a cat, disappears for weeks at a time but always comes back. 

Carla Mae Monido

Carla is a graphic designer from the Philippines who works in a variety of styles, but mostly enjoys making manga and chibi style artwork. 

Her hobbies include putting off writing her own biography for websites. 

Can often be seen on top her apartment block trying to get an internet connection. 





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